The Soiree of the Year - A Celebration of the Life of Jennie Heaton

17 Feb 2024 - Town Hall

Let's come together to honor and celebrate the remarkable life of Jennie Heaton

Join us for The Celebration of the Life of Jennie Heaton, a joyous reunion of former students and family of the esteemed Jennie Heaton School of Performing Arts. The program is nearing completion, promising an unforgettable experience filled with laughter, perhaps a few tears, plenty of singing, and an abundance of fun. An open mic will be available for those who wish to share their cherished memories of Jennie.

Help spread the word and extend the invitation to anyone who would like to attend

For those unable to join in person due to distance, we are exploring options to stream the event via Zoom or another two-way streaming service. Details for virtual attendance will be posted on this page as soon as they are available.


This is not a somber memorial; it's a lively celebration of a life exceptionally well-lived—the way Jennie would have wanted! The Production Team, led by Kirsten (Jennie's daughter), along with Bill Gleeson, Tom Donald, Stephen Carter, Ann Walsh, Peter Ross, and Gabriela McDonald (Bonomo), is dedicated to ensuring a memorable event for all.

It's important that you book your free seat to this event to indicate numbers.

PLEASE NOTE: The venue has now changed to Tamworth Town Hall.  Those who have already booked will be informed via email of the venue change.



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