The Night Of The Horse 2022

08 Oct 2022 - AELEC - Australian Equine & Livestock Events Centre

Dave Manchon Presents The Night of the Horse

Calling all Horse Lovers… The ‘Night Of the Horse’ (NOTH) is set to be Australia’s biggest night of equine entertainment, education and excellence.

With a list of world first stunts in his holster, show director Dave Manchon is excited to bring an all-star line-up of horses to the AELEC arena with his one-of-a-kind production in Tamworth that is sure to get hearts racing, hooves galloping and whips cracking.

Dave Manchon’s sold out style of Equine Arena Shows are recognised as providing some of the most exciting and talked about moments seen in the entertainment industry today. With its own impressive record of popular performances the Rooftop Express Show is widely recognised now as the “event highlight” wherever it goes.

The Night Of The Horse will enable its audience to experience the variety and adrenaline of a fast-paced Wild West Show. The night will broadcast an interactive and inspiring message about horsemanship, education and teachings of self-belief as spoken about by the night’s blue ribbon special guest trainers.

There will be something for everyone throughout the night with bulls, brahmans, broncs and donks high on the agenda of family friendly entertainment. This interactive and enchanting show is set to inspire and marvel, motivate and astonish!

In addition, the ever popular longest slide competition will keep you on the edge of your seat as you marvel at how these top money earning horses do it!...You will never know what is coming out from behind that NOTH horse curtain next!

Watch out for lucky door prizes, merchandise give-aways and the T-shirt Gun promo shooter! Keep an eye out for the Cowboy Dance Cam and Kiss Cam as it scans the crowd to ensure an evening filled with belly laughs and ‘tell your friends’ moments.

Super Trainers from all over Australia will join Dave Manchon and share some of their intimate training details featuring a wide array of equestrian disciplines. These trainers will be riding some of Australia’s highest money earning performance horses in the country and will ensure the Night Of The Horse is a ‘must see’ event on Saturday night the 8th October 2022 at AELEC, Tamworth.


VIP Pass: - BAYS 5, 6 & 7

Join Dave and his team as they bring you a special ‘behind the scenes’ VIP tour around their stables at AELEC and backstage pre-show. Have your very own special meeting with one of these equine superstars and shake the hand of some of our Super Trainers whilst they prepare for the big night, and get your very own selfie moment with all of the stars of the show.

Included in this VIP Pass is an invitation after the show onto the main arena for the ‘After-Show Party’. Come and get some sand in your boots and enjoy a beverage and get to chat with the stars after the show.

An unforgettable opportunity to get up and close and personal to the Night Of The Horse super stars.




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