Simon & Garfunkel - The Songs of Paul Simon

24 Jan 2020 - Capitol Theatre

Presented by Artist Network & Focal Point Australia

Performed by Mark Shelley & John Robertson

Mrs Robinson…The Boxer…Mother & Child Reunion….Call Me Al……Bridge Over Troubled Water…………Feelin Groovy……50 Ways…..Sounds of Silence……Kodachrome….. Me & Julio… El Condor Passé....Diamonds ... 


Paul Simon may have just retired from performing but his songs will play on forever.                                  


He is undoubtedly one of the premier songwriters in contemporary music. His work, a varying palette of stylistic expression, ranges from his massive early success with Art Garfunkel, which defined the folk rock sound, to his solo endeavours in reggae, rock, world & African music. His success & variety of work, spanning six decades, is true testament to his genius.

This fun, nostalgic & story filled performance will touch you & transport you back to where you were, what you felt, & who you were with when you first heard …. The Songs of Paul Simon

This celebration performance was inspired by Simon & Garfunkel’s legendary reunion concert in Central Park NY, in front of an incredible audience of 500,000 people!


 It features those early years of Simon & Garfunkel & also highlights Paul Simon’s solo efforts, culminating in selections from his landmark Graceland Album.


Performed by Shelley & Robertson & their live band, this is a Show not to be missed!!



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