Prickly Love

17 - 18 Dec - Capitol Theatre

Presented by O'Grady Drama New England

Prickly Love is a funny and beautifully dark play about clichés and hopelessness, break-ups and modern love.

April won’t settle for anyone less than hilarious and Matt can’t figure out how to say hello. Holly is exploring the secrets of the universe. Harry loves Danny, but just can’t quite believe that their office romance can survive and Lila is wondering if a cactus will tear her relationship apart.

O'Grady Drama's On Cue Senior Performance Ensemble performance piece of 2021

In amongst the water cooler lovers and the lunchroom anxieties, runs a deep truth about the difficulty of staying connected, building meaningful relationships and keeping out all the noise, in a very noisy time.


O’Grady Drama’s On Cue Senior Performance Ensemble present a full theatrical production of Gita Bezard’s Prickly Love as their showcase performance piece of 2021, directed by Ben Mettam.



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