Melinda Schneider: The Story of My Life turns 21!

27 Jan 2024 - Capitol Theatre


Renowned singer-songwriter Melinda Schneider is set to mark a musical milestone as she celebrates the 21st anniversary of her Golden Guitar Award winning song, The Story Of My Life. Joining Melinda will be very special guest & Golden Guitar Award winner, Brad Butcher.


To honour this achievement and the song that started it all off for her, Melinda will perform a nostalgic concert taking the audience back through her remarkable journey with stories and songs. Melinda will reflect upon the numerous life experiences and the impressive transformations which have shaped her life over the past two decades –  everything from sell out seasons at Sydney Opera House with her Doris Day stage show and the brave choice to go public with her battle around anxiety and depression, to her marriage to Choirboys front man, Mark Gable and the birth of their son, Sullivan.

The Story Of My Life, which won Melinda Female Vocalist of the Year in 2003, quickly became a chart-topping sensation, capturing the hearts of country music fans everywhere. The song's honest lyrics and Melinda's soulful voice struck a chord with listeners, ‘I remember hearing many young artists perform my song in talent quests, it was so weird to hear them sing ‘I was born in 71, policeman dad and a yodelling mum’, cause I think I’m probably one of the only people who can claim that combination of parents’, she laughs.

Her Capitol Theatre performance will showcase Melinda's immense talent as she delivers powerful renditions of her greatest hits, including Real People, I Wanna Be Married, Be Yourself and the new, updated version of The Story Of My Life. ‘A few years ago I wrote a new verse and chorus to acknowledge the surprise ending to my life story…well, so far. Meeting Mark and having Sullivan have been the best things to have happened to me and I’m so thankful’.  Fans can also expect to hear songs from her highly anticipated new original album – her first since 2008’s Be Yourself, titled Tender.


Over the past two decades, Melinda Schneider has been on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and growth, both personally and professionally. From releasing multiple successful albums to captivating audiences with her exceptional live performances, Melinda has consistently pushed the boundaries of her artistry, forging a unique path in the music industry.


Beyond her musical achievements, Melinda has also had an unwavering commitment to making a positive impact in the world has further enriched the story of her life by inspiring countless individuals along the way.


Australian Country Music storyteller Brad Butcher, rooted in Country Queensland, unveils his compelling 6th studio album, East Of Everything. Starting his musical journey in his mid-twenties, Butcher, now 40 and armed with a Bachelor of Music degree, showcases a decade of touring and industry experience in this highly anticipated release. The album seamlessly blends Country, Folk, and Americana, reflecting Butcher's diverse musical palette. With over 30 award nominations, including two Golden Guitar Awards, and a 2024 nomination for Alternate Country Album of the Year, East Of Everything stands as a testament to Butcher's artistic evolution, capturing tales of resilience, growth, and joy from the past five years of his life.


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