Lonnie Lee

15 - 22 Jan - Tamworth Services Club

The Last Man Standing


Lonnie Lee is the last man standing from the original Australian Rock'n'Roll era who had many number one hits and was one of televisions most popular performers.


He and his Leemen, in 2022 once again present an intimate, yet exciting as always show, back at the Services Club from Sat 15th through to the next Saturday 22nd at 10:30 every day.


It will be no surprise to his many fans, that each year, he brings something new, something different and unique.. this one will be no different.  Some surprises, slightly more softer in some ways, yet with that feel of the era, only a true Legend could bring.


In the show, Lonnie will sing many fantastic new songs as well as his past #1 hits and other audience favourites so fans cannot miss it.


In the world history of popular music, there are very few stars who hit the top of the Hit Parade charts as much as Lonnie did. In the first days of Rock'n'Roll he was one of the founding fathers of our Australian Music Industry. His Blue Cats Rockabilly Band of 1957 was arguably the first Rockabilly band around playing the new music which was about to sweep the world.


In January 1956 Bill Haley brought Rock'n'Roll here for the first time and only 4 weeks later a young Lonnie, after winning the title of Australia's Elvis Presley, started his own rockin' combo, The Blue Cats. This was at the same time Johnny O'Keefe and Alan Dale started the first rock dances in Sydney. Since then the rest is history and this show takes the audience on a journey through his story and the story of Rock'n'Roll.


If you were around at this time, or just love the songs of the 50's and early 60's or just curious about what is this era everybody calls, 'The Good Times', you must not miss this show. The fact that after 60 + years of performing on the biggest stages across the world, Lonnie delivers those special moments still, his authentic style is testament to his love of his audiences and the songs, the ones you can't forget when you leave,  or can't stop singing days after!


There is no voice like Lonnie's, no artist who puts his heart and soul into every song, with energy and passion.  Sit and relax through the 'Good Times' era that will take you back to a softer time in life.


If you are only into country music, you must experience the star who spent years in Nashville, who brought his Nashville Country Music Show to Australia, making it the first pro country show to perform seasons in the major Sydney clubs. In Nashville he looked after many clubs including Webb Pierce's Rhinestone Cowboy Club and Jerry Reed's Nashville Palace, booking many of the Grand Ol' Opry stars.


He and his show are unique and this is your opportunity to experience an important piece of Australian music history. 90 minutes of free and easy feelings, foot tapping and feelgood.


So, make it a date after breakfast during the festival, and start your day the Happy Way !

Sat 15th to Sat 22nd 10:30 every morning at the Services Club. Bookings at the club and online. As his new CD says, Let's go Back to Basics.



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