IWA Pro Wrestling Live

12 Oct - TRECC

Presented by IWA Entertainment

IWA PRO WRESTLING LIVEWrestle Revolution 3 returns to TRECC for a massive night of live pro wrestling action. Catch all the stars of the squared circle including -Cowboy Chris Abbott, Randal, Jackson Kelly, Head Hunter Rig and many more.


The presence and pageantry of the atmosphere that International Wrestling Australia brings to clubs and venues all over Australia is unmatched by any other entertainment act. The bruises, bumps and bodyslams will provide for a night you will never ever forget!

IWA - International Wrestling Australia is the best interactive live athletic experience in Australia and is guaranteed to blow you away.

Since 1998, International Wrestling Australia has been providing entertainment for locals in urban and regional locations that is as physical as it comes. Our group of pristine and well-conditioned athletes will enter the venue, step into an 18 x 18 foot wrestling ring and launch into battle. We have giants of Australia, the fiery high-flyers, impressive female wrestlers and characters that will certainly make you love them or make you hate them.


IWA has been providing live wrestling entertainment longer than any other company in Australia and with good reason, we are the very best.
Our family-friendly form of entertainment could inspire you to the point where you would want to become a professional wrestler yourself! Much like the global juggernaut WWE, we have an entire 2 hour extravaganza set to make you “ooh!” and “ahh!” from our opening bout to our main event.


Welcome to International Wrestling Australia!


*promoter reserves the right to substitute, card subject to change.



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