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Graeme Connors The Songwriter… 50 Years On

21 Jan 2024 - Capitol Theatre

An intimate evening with a country music legend.

With the average person changing career paths every few years, Graeme Connors celebration of 50 years in the Australian Music Industry is an obvious anomaly… and the fact that his legacy is so much more than the recycling of a few big hits from the past makes it even more intriguing. 


Graeme remains as creatively active today as he always has, with song writing, recording and ‘in-concert’ touring still his primary focus. A book of lyrics released in 2023 and a new album to be released in 2024, testament to his ongoing passion and commitment.

‘Graeme Connors - The Songwriter… 50 Years On’ gives you the chance to spend an evening with one of Australia’s finest multi-award-winning storytellers.

His vast repertoire fills twenty plus albums, and provides songs for all occasions, as he captures the human condition in all its glory and frailty with empathy and humour, wisdom and understanding.


Graeme Connors - ‘The Songwriter… 50 Years On’ - 7:30pm Sunday January 21st… you really need to be there! 

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