Graeme Connors - In Concert

20 Jan 2023 - Town Hall

Presented by The Panama Touring Company

my lyrical life

In December 1973 - just this side of 50 years ago – I packed everything I needed, everything I owned in fact, into an old guitar case and a brand-new suitcase and headed South.


A photograph from that time shows me in my one good pair of shoes, denim jeans, a blue shirt, and a crumpled jacket, sporting an expression that could be best described as confidently apprehensive.


The suitcase was filled with two of every item of clothing, a toiletries bag, a notebook, and a fountain pen. The guitar case protected the ‘dream machine’ which I believed was going to lead me to fame and fortune.

Now 49 years in the same job is a rarity, so you could forgive me for being reflective as I approach my big ‘50 years in the music biz’.

Consequently the exciting news for January 2023, is the release of My Lyrical Life - a book that puts all my song lyrics and biographical notes from each phase of my career in one place - and what better than my Tamworth Town Hall Concert to focus on and celebrate ‘the first half of my career’ before boldly moving forward into ‘the second half …’. ?


So, I hope you’ll join me as I draw from the deep well of songs that have brought me this far and introduce you to some new songs from the last few years, clearing the decks in preparation for the big 50-year push with new music and even greater possibilities. Graeme Connors







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