Graham Rodger & Tom Maxwell

22 Jan 2019 - Tamworth Community Event Centre


GRAHAM RODGER Graham is an incredibly gifted entertainer with a highly developed natural flow and as a result you only have to sit back and listen to one of his CDs or a live performance and you will fully appreciate the depth of this man’s talents. The quality of Graham's voice is reflected in the numerous 'Male Vocalist of the Year' awards which he has won (these include six 'People’s Choice Awards' from Tamworth). The conviction and the emotion with which he sings his ballads are some of the tools he uses to whisk you away into his world. Like any good storyteller he encapsulates you so you feel and live the story he is telling.


TOM MAXWELL, There is little doubt that Tom Maxwell is one of the leading forces in today’s crop of Balladeers. One of just a handful of traveling Bush Balladeers still on the road full time.Tom is not only living the dream. He is keeping alive an Australian way of life that has served to enshrine the Australian Bush Heritage. Through hard work and sheer determination he has carved his niche in the Australian Country Music industry and has seen his fan base explode in recent times. Tom has been down plenty of dusty roads, met many characters along the way and heard some of the best yarns to be told and like the Balladeers who came before him and built the foundations for today’s country music industry. Tom continues to preserve those stories in music and song.


Come and enjoy this highly acclaimed concert in the comfort of air-conditioned Tamworth Community Centre and enjoy the hospitality of a free morning tea.





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