Marie Hodson - Walking the Floor Over You - Album Launch

20 Jan 2019 - Capitol Theatre


First 150 tickets sold can purchase Marie's new album for only $5!


Guest Artists - 

Donella Waters, Sandra Humphries, Jarrod Scott, Dan Ebbels, Brendan Dugan (NZ) and Ally Cook (NZ) join Marie to sing up a storm with all their favourites - making this a must see and a fun filled morning. 


Marie releases her 5th Studio Album, co-producing with Steve Newton and Enric Studios.

Maries love of traditional country music is long, her passion knows no end . She trolls through Youtube and old footage listening to that special song that says something to her. Her love of Honky Tonk and Western Swing has also found its way into the Album. 


Taking on Willie Nelson's Funny How Time Slips Away, throwing in harmonies of a now unknown era, that’s smooth with Guitar work and fiddle to compliment  this outstanding classic


Ernest Tubb, 1941, Hit Walking The Floor Over You, went on to sell over a million copies without digital help. This tune was widely thought to be  the start of the Honky Tonk genre of country 


Merle Haggard's rendition of Nobody's Darling But Mine', written way back in the 1920s, is stripped back and out there for your listening.  A ballad that Marie gives exquisite tenderness to. 

Plus many more tunes to sit back and soak up with her Texas Troubadour Band



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