Greg Champion - Four Friends Together Again

27 Jan 2018 - Cattleman Steakhouse Saloon

Presented by Cattleman Steakhouse

Thursday 25th will be Greg Champion with Jane Saunders, Colin Buchanan and Gary Carruthers


Saturday 27th Will be Greg Champion with Jane Saunders, Michael Fix and Gary Carruthers


For eighteen years they sang together at The Longyard: From 1991 to 2008. In the case of Bucko, Jane and Champs – and probably Michael and Gary too ! – they first met each other at The Longyard. They then forged a bond which is stronger than ever today. They’ve since shared stages all over Australia, at events as diverse as Carols By Candlelight (Bucko & Champs), the AFL Grand Final, MCG (Greg & Gary) and the five of them have collaborated on and off stage during the 27 years since they met.


They’ve co-written and recorded together and become best buddies over the decades. And one thing bringing them back together for Tamworth 2018, is their shared love, adoration, and debt to: June Smyth.


June Smyth started the Longyard pub from scratch, and ran it for so many years. June’s passion for Aussie-style songwriters saw her give a huge kick start to the Tamworth and Country careers of Ted Egan, Eric Bogle, John Williamson, The Bushwackers, Graeme Connors, Jin Haynes, Grant Luhrs, Pat Drummond and – to Champs, Bucko, Jane, Fixy and Gary.


June rolled out the red carpet to Aussie songwriters, and fostered and nurtured Aussie talent in a way like no-one before her. June Smyth was like a Colossus towering above and over the Tamworth Festival, and the whole the New England region.


June later worked with Tamworth Council helping to run the whole festival itself. And June did it all with so much love, kindness and spirit !


A never-to-be-forgotten legend. We lost her too young, two years ago.



off Sales:

Thursday 25 January 2pm now off sale with Entertainment Venues - Tickets ARE available at the door

Saturday 27 January 2pm now off sale with Entertainment Venues - Tickets ARE available at the door





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