The Wine Bluffs

11 - 14 Apr - Town Hall

Presented by CH on Peel Boutique Hotel

A comedy wine masterclass with Damian Callinan and Paul Calleja

Intimate Passchendaele Room setting!

Bar open from 7pm and after the show – plus we have created a chill-out lounge area for you to have a drink before and after. You can take your drink into the show too!

Ever wondered what wine goes best with Fairy Bread? Why hasn’t the ‘Champagne Spider’ caught on? These questions and many more will be inadequately answered by the self-styled sommeliers of comedy, Damian Callinan & Paul Calleja.

‘Wildly funny winespeak, a romp around the vineyard that seeks to demystify the cellar door
experience and only leaves us feeling more confused.’ ???? 1/2 - Herald Sun

After intoxicating sold out audiences across the country, The Wine Bluffs are here to do what they do best: bullshit about wine. Laying spurious claim to a reputation as renowned wine consultants, the duo, fresh from judging the Fruit Wine Section at The Rockhampton Show, will take you through the cellar door experience with a comedic twist.


They’ll help you match wine to Chiko Rolls, translate over-written bottle blurbs and identify the biggest ‘wine wanker’ in the room: if you have a wine fridge set on two temperatures... It’s probably you.


Warnings: Frequent Course Language, Sexual references, alcohol consumption and adult themes. 18yrs+






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