Jaton Lord Reined Cowhorse Clinic

11 - 13 Jan - AELEC

Jaton Lord is returning on high demand to come back and complete several Reined Cowhorse/Horsemanship Clinics in Australia.


Like most young kids, Jaton wanted nothing more than to be a cowboy. Being the grandson of Ray Hunt, Jaton was given the unique opportunity to pursue that dream. At the age of 15, he started his first colt with his Grandpa Ray; from that point on, his real education would begin as he spent the summers traveling down the clinic trail with Ray and Carolyn Hunt.

When Jaton was 19, he went to work for the Van Norman ranch in Tuscarora, Nevada; further pursuing his education in horsemanship. Following his time in Tuscarora, he then went to work for the Petan Ranch in Northern Nevada; where he spent two summers out on the wagon.

When Jaton returned to Idaho, he heard about a well known cowhorse trainer by the name of Annie Reynolds, that needed a colt started. Jaton started the colt for Reynolds and was then offered a job. For three years, Jaton started, trained, and showed some of the best horses in the world. With $80,000 in NRCHA earnings, Jaton has started 9 non-pro Snaffle Bit Futurity finalists, 7 Open Snaffle Bit Futurity finalists, as well as being an open rider in 2010-2011, and an open finalist himself at the 2009 Snaffle bit futurity.


Children 12 years and under free entry


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