All This Living

10 Mar 2017 - Bendemeer Town Hall

When I grow up I want to be an old woman

Written and performed by Camilla Blunden, All This Living! explores the offbeat inner and outer worlds of an invisible shrinking contemporary older woman, Jay.


Jay’s head is buzzing. Is she the incredible shrinking woman, a faint dot? Inside her there is plenty ‘piled up’. Ignored once too often as just an old woman she investigates this ‘third stage’ of life.


How does society now portray and view 'old women'? Are they all the same? How do we view ourselves across generations? Do we value people of all ages?


The play uses humour, mixed with home truths and leaps of imagination and myths to deliver a disarmingly intimate work filled with offbeat anecdotes and soul-baring revelations that brings audiences of all ages together in an exploration of the humour and beauty in ageing.


"Blunden commands an impressive presence . There is a joy, an acknowledgment, a defiance and an independence that gives a proud and hopeful voice to all women in their later years.'" THE CANBERRA TIMES











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