23 Jan 2019 - Capitol Theatre

Presented by The Harbour Agency

A night of fun is sure to prevail!! 

Folks! You’re invited to the third annual Grand Ole Pigry, starring The Pigs, and special guests The Hillbilly Goats and Finn MacCool!


In 2019, two of the most fun, most loved, most “Oh my God, you won’t believe this crazy band I saw in Tamworth” bands will help The Pigs, also crazy, take over the Capitol theatre – masters of foot-stomping mountain music and petrified goat transportation, The Hillbilly Goats and fast-fingered bluegrassers and all round funny bastards, Finn MacCool.

Yep… The Grand Ole Pigry… a concert in a theatre … with a stage manager… and a dressin’ room, a big curtain and a candy bar. 

The Pigs put together a Country Music show just like they do in Nashville… Now in its third year of hundreds! And adding to the excitement, The Pigs are also launching their brand new all original album, Hillbilly Synthesizer this year at Tamworth! 


The Pigs are a one-of-a-kind musical experience, their combination of fine musicianship and wicked humour has been enjoyed by festival-goers, TV viewers, radio listeners and motoring enthusiasts all over Australia and internationally. Don’t miss The Pigs and special guests, playing hilarious original music and fiery bluegrass-fuelled pop cover versions.




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