Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton, George Strait & Alan Jackson Show

22 Jan 2019 - Capitol Theatre

Presented by Marie Hodson

A sell out show every year

Marie is back for the 5th year with her Patsy Cline Show, where she brings a country extravaganza of Australia’s finest country performers to take on their idols.


Donella Waters is no stranger to country music, she can literally sing the phone book, she is kind, funny, thoughtful, uber talented  which is obvious when she portrays her idol, Dolly Parton.  Folks just go crazy for Donella, she has worked extremely hard at her craft and brings Dolly to life .  To see her and hear her is to LOVE Her!! 


Anthony Taylor, a voice that conquers country music in fine rendition. On the back of his debut album Music Man he will perform George Strait with a mastery! George, known as a storyteller that never strayed from his traditional country roots, has sold in excess of 100 million albums.  He takes you right into the midst of an epic song and leaves you wanting more!!! Anthony has that ability . There are some singers out there that have that tone, and honesty in there vocal and Anthony is one of them.  


Jared Scott, known to  some as a sound man, but his love of Country Music has a vastness that is exceptional for someone so  young.  His band, Redneck Gentlemen, is moving mountains in pure country with his album out for 2018.   His vocal is strong , articulate in lyrics and moving to say the least. When Jared gives you a country song, your going to know about it . His vocal soars, he is a true cowboy of country and takes on Alan Jackson with ease. 


Marie Hodson is releasing her 5th studio album for 2018 in Tamworth 2019 entitled Walkin The Floor Over You.   Her passion for country is so strong, she swings it up with Honky Tonk and brings you back to give you a ballad like no other.  She cut her teeth on Patsy Cline, learning from the best with perfect phrasing and articulation on lyrics and soul, bringing audiences the true meaning of a country song.  Marie will delve into the library of Patsy and portray her to her finest.


Texas Troubadours
This seven piece band with lead, acoustic, pedal steel, bass, drums, piano and fiddle, harmony singers, makes for a full country sound. 

Marie doesn’t believe in skimping on a great show and the boys and gals of this band give 100 percent the sound that she loves.

Dan Ebbels (Lead),  Liam Kennedy( Piano), Andrew McMahon (Bass,)  Ron Mahoney (Drums) 
Dave Moore (Pedal Steel), Wendy Wood and Carolyn Morris (Harmonies) Fiddle and Acoustic 





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