The Australian Wool Fashion Awards

17 Jul 2015 - Town Hall

The Australian Wool Fashion Awards has become a major wool industry event.

The awards are designed to showcase the use of Merino Wool by national and international fashion designers and students. The competitions main aim is to educate and encourage young designers in the wonderful qualities of wool. Secondary school students through to tertiary fashion students are enticed to use the many versatile wool and wool blend fabrics to create their entries. The rewards include significant cash prizes, gifts of mentoring from leading Australian fashion designers and scholarships to study at recognised fashion institutes.

The 2015 Australian Wool Fashion Awards will consist of eight section categories:
Section One: Secondary school section - themed Cirque Du Wool
Section Two: Young Supreme Award
Section Three: Knitwear
Section Four: Race wear
Section Five: Recycled wool
Section Six: Wearable Art - themed Australian
Section Seven: Evening wear
Section Eight: Bridal wear

The exclusive awards dinner will take place in Tamworth NSW. The dinner will feature the highly anticipated annual parade of garments. Presentation of prizes and scholarships, featured around an exquisite three course dinner. Dress code is Black Tie - Formal.

The one big night promoting Australian merino wool will be followed by various other showcases with the winning garments travelling around Australia to various shows and exhibits.


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