22 Jan - North Tamworth Bowling Club

Presented by Swingin' Door Productions

Musicians and friends Stuart French and Michel Rose built more than just the core of a unique band when they combined their talents in 1996.


Stuart’s hot guitar blended perfectly with Michel’s harmony licks on pedal steel in a partnership meant to be – forming the signature sound of The Feral Swing Katz.  Their music is a blend of 40’s Swing, Classic Country with a touch of Jazz otherwise known as “Western Swing”.


The Feral Swing Katz have made more than an impact on the Australian music market, earning  coveted MO and ACE awards for Best Country Band and in 2002 they added a Golden Guitar to their trophy shelf.


They have three albums released over the last 10 years.  All five musicians in the band are the best in their field and when not performing live, they make their living as Studio Musicians.


Add the velvet vocals of New Zealand-born Camille Te Nahu to the Feral Swing Katz lineup, and you are in for one seriously enjoyable concert. Sit back and just wait for your feet to start tapping. They will take on a life of their own. Happens all the time. It’s a Feral thing.


Tickets are also available at the door


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