Billionaire Boy

02 - 03 May - Town Hall

Presented by CDP Kids

What would you do with eleventy squillion dollars?

Twelve year old Joe has everything a boy could ever want, from a golden underwater Ferrari to his very own cinema. Joe and his Dad have more money than you could imagine, but what

Joe really needs is a friend. When Joe arrives at his new school, life really gets tough. Facing the school bully, his Dad’s new girlfriend and the world’s worst school canteen, Joe is about

to learn that money might buy you a lot in Raj’s shop, but it can’t buy you everything.

“chucklesome, entertaining and appealing to all ages” Stage Whispers

David Walliams’ best-selling books comes to life on stage for 6-12 year olds - and their adults! Don’t miss this original Australian adaptation as the team behind Mr Stink and The

13-, 26-, 52- and 78-Storey Treehouses live on stage return with songs, laughs and yes, that cat sick and sweet potato mash from the canteen…


Recommended age: 6-12yrs and their adults


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Billionaire Boy by David Walliams, published by Harper Collins Children's Books. 
Cover Illustration © Tony Ross, 2010 Lettering on authors name © Quentin Blake, 2010






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