Edward The Emu

16 - 17 Nov - Capitol Theatre

Presented by Capitol Theatre Tamworth



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A Monkey Baa Theatre Company production

Based on the picture books by Sheena Knowles and Rod Clement.

The classic Australian tale of two emus searching for their identity

Edward is bored with his lot. Being the only emu at the zoo has left him feeling glum and under the impression that the grass is greener in everyone else’s enclosure. Maybe being a seal, or a lion, or a snake might be a better option in life for a lonely bird? Convinced that the other creatures are more popular, Edward breaks ranks and goes to find the fun. 


Meanwhile the Keepers are in hot pursuit, hunting high and low to relocate their crowd-pleasing, much-loved feathered attraction. Edward stays one step ahead until he’s ready to head home; concluding that being an emu might be just right after all. Back at HIS pen, a very shocking but welcome surprise awaits... he’s been replaced by the rather wonderful Edwina the Emu! 


Lonely no more, the pair are soon the expectant parents of 10 eggs. With the impending arrival of their large family, Edwina is driven to find the right job to support her brood. Whilst Edward assumes nesting duties, she throws her hat in the job-market ring and heads out into the world. Trying all sorts of roles on for size, from dancer to waiter, she discovers she’s not the right fit for any of the human jobs!


The award-winning Monkey Baa team brings to the stage the classic Australian tale of two emus searching for their identity.  The emus’ journey of hilarity and tenderness leads them to discover that the best thing you can be is … you!


Recommended ages: 4 - 9 years and their adults


Based on the book by

Sheena Knowles and Rod Clement
Written for the stage

by Eva Di Cesare
Directed by

Eva Di Cesare

Illustrations by:  Rod Clement







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