Drama for Teen Actors

19 Nov 2023 - Capitol Theatre

A conversation with Hollywood acting coach, Christine McClure


A ‘not to be missed’ afternoon for all budding teen actors, their parents, their teachers and anyone who loves a good story. David Foster will interview Christine McClure about her recently published book, her past students and her coaching methods. She will put her experience to work for us all by sharing her techniques and insight into her dramatic acting classes. You will gain practical tips and exercises that you can use on your own journey as a young actor or as a teacher.


Across the world people are watching shows on the big screen, home screens and on portable smart devices. They see actors in dramatic performances and quite a number of young people are dreaming that they want the chance to do that too. This 90-minute afternoon is intended to demonstrate how those dreams can turn into action. 

Christine brings thirty years of acting advice to life in one book and to the stage in this conversation accompanied by video footage of some of her US students at work.

Christine McClure (stage name Elli Maclure) has more than thirty years of experience coaching actors one-on-one, on set, and in group classes. Her students have appeared in major features and television series and have worked with Oscar-winning directors Steven Soderbergh, Stanley Kubrick, Sofia Coppola, the Coen brothers, and have garnered awards, including Oscars, Emmys, Young Artists.


She began as a young stage and screen actor herself, working with Academy Award–winning talents like Peter Weir, Peter Bogdanovich, John Cassavetes, and Gena Rowlands. Later, she trained with John Lehne of The Actors Studio in the Stanislavski/Strasberg Method. It was then that she discovered her love of teaching, and she has since devoted herself to training young professional actors, many of whom have achieved international fame.


The book is available from Amazon or Woollahra Book Shop


* * * FREE BOOK, signed by the author available for those attending


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