19 - 27 Aug - Capitol Theatre

Presented by Tamworth Dramatic Society


 For your listening pleasure, actors are using microphones for this production


Adapted from the screenplay by Jonathan Lynn

Additional materials by Hunter Foster, Eric price & Sandy Rustin

Adopted from the Paramount Pictures film written by Jonathan Lynn
and based on the game from Hasbro Inc.

a classic 'whodunnit' comedy from the game board to the stage

On a dark and stormy evening, six unique guests assemble for a dinner party at the home of Mr. Boddy. When their host turns up dead, it is clear that no one is safe! Soon the guests, the maid, and the butler are racing to discover the killer and survive the night.

Just like the board game, CLUE is good fun. 

Tamworth Dramatic Society presents Clue, adapted from the cult-classic film and popular board game.  A madcap, slapstick production full murder, mystery and laughs.  A comedy 'whodunnit' that will keep you guessing (and laughing) to the very end.



Ellie Sampson



Cara Bastian

Samantha Brice

Natacha Curnow

Daniel Gillett

Halen Godley

Liam Higham

Sean McInnes

Grace McKinnon

Peter Ross

Caron Schumann

Ben Sutton


By arrangement with Origin Theatrical


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