Bandaluzia Flamenco

23 Sep 2023 - Town Hall

Presented by The Con in association with Musica Viva Australia.

A journey through this unique and incredible art-form by some of Australia's most revered flamenco artists.

Bandaluzia Flamenco presents a spectacular new show that showcases contemporary flamenco dance and music whilst displaying the essential characteristics of the flamenco tradition.


The contemporary aspects come naturally, as we are from a generation that had access to a wide variety of influences including jazz, classical, Arabic, and Latin, as well as contemporary dance, and we will often reference these influences in a way that is organic and enhances our performance and makes it personal and unique.

For the audience flamenco presents more than listening to music and dance, it's the feeling of sharing the experience, receiving the artists expression and connecting this to your own experiences.

Bandaluzia will mix elements of other genres into their performances, whether being the rich harmonies of Jazz, the exotic melodies of the Orient or the infectious rhythms of South America. Performed well flamenco can be transcending moment for all.


In cabaret mode with a dance floor, this will be an experience that ignites the senses with the grace of Flamenco.

Bar & Grazing Boxes provide by The Pig & Tinder Box. Please pre-order the Grazing Boxes when you book.

Please collect your pre ordered Grazing Box at the Bar upon entry to the venue.


Grazing box (for 2) $41.00 - (for 3) $61.00 (Now off sale) 

  • Selection of 3 cheeses
  • Toasted Turkish bread
  • Water crackers
  • Beetroot dip
  • Pesto dip
  • Selection of cured meats
  • Selection of dried and fresh fruit




Damian Wright, flamenco guitar/Artistic Director
Yuhki Mayne, violin
James Hauptmann, percussion
Rosalie Cocchiaro, flamenco dance
Jessica Statham, flamenco dance


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