ArtsNational Tamworth - Vivienne Lawes - What have the huguenots ever done for us? Mass Migration and the arts in Britain

09 Aug 2024 - Tamworth Community Event Centre

Presented by ArtsNational Tamworth

Vivienne Lawe - What have the Huguenots ever done for us? - Mass migration and the arts in Britan

The mass migration of the French Protestant Huguenots in the 16th and 17th centuries impacted the arts, the military and finance sections of the countries to which they fled following Catholic persecution in their homeland. This lecture focuses on three areas of the arts impacted by the migration: the silk weaving industry: the silversmiths and ceramicists introducing Rococo style into Britan: and the Baroque style of the great Huguenot designer. Daniel Marot, who worked for William and Mary at Hampton Court. We see how the artistic works of the Huguenots changed material culture and became integrated into British identity.


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