Andrew Clermont's Supper Club

20 - 24 Apr - North Tamworth Bowling Club

Presented by Andrew Clermont

Clermont inducted into the South Australian Music Hall of Fame late 2021 !!

In 2022 the Supper Club is well into its third decade of extraordinary music and collaborations. From solo to orchestra, fiddle tunes to theatrical grazings, originals through to oblique standards!


The often 10 piece band, celebrates the 20 years @ The North Tam Bowlo with historically 30 hours of a concert spread through the week! This time 7pm each night from Wednesday (Fri 9pm Country Music Feature Night & Sun 2pm Finale) revelling in Clermont’s 40th festival year at the 50th year of the Festival!

As fans will know Clermont insists on pristine sound with no loud kick drums and hearing..."All the vocals, all the time!"
Clermont also highly recommends coming more than once because it really is one wondrous concert spread nightly across the whole week, with rare repeats!


The most up to date nightly plans will be on his web site - CLICK HERE for more information (including Mark Atkins Group on opening night!)

Featuring masterful players around unique singers & creators including The Beez  from Europe, in these tricky days! And even though he previously had “Nights of” Fiddle/ Piano /Guitar etc through the week, well, it was really a great mixture every night because they all work so well together - so you will definitely catch …

Triple Fiddles & Mandolins, Guitar Champions, Accordions to Pianos, Banjos to Trumpet & Chin Cello to a whole percussion ensemble plus all kinds of Fretted to Fretless Bass. Let alone tons of harmony singing!
Added bonus is their late night Blues extension Thursday with George Washingmachine & some Deadringers(!), Buddy Knox, Paul Wookey (his "otherside" familiar to New Englanders), Robbie Long & Anthony Walmsley with Bass & Vocal giant, Luke Ferguson!
A particular Feature Night is 9pm Friday 22 with The History of Country Music presented by Paul Wookey followed by The Beez in Cabaret wit plus the true country voice of Wendy Phypers in The Cartwheels - Big Band wind up !
Otherwise they are all spread through most nights with Christian Marsh on Harmonica, Niq Reefman on Trumpet & Accordion as is Garry Steel plus astonishing keyboards, Stunt Violinist Shenzo Gregorio (like James Morrison on Violin!), multi-Awarded Goldheist & String Loaded "Big Bands" held firm with Tamworth's own Randall Wilson on drums/ percussion!

Andrew Clermont’s Supper Club has 3 CD trilogies, Didgeridoo concert feature CD, a Double DVD Live @ The Capitol Theatre plus their 20 Year Photo Almanac Book in A4 and stunning A3 size! Let alone the Tuition DVDs from Clermont and years of music from everyone!


Looking forward to sharing the 50 years of Tamworth Festival with you all!



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