Andrew Clermont's Supper Club

18 - 25 Jan - North Tamworth Bowling Club



Andrew Clermont's Supper Club turns 22 featuring the recent 120 page Photobook Almanac of it’s years revealing from intimate pin drop moments to 18 piece orchestras whirling out music from many backgrounds from traditional country & old time and Bluegrass through to epic Dan Fogelberg/ swing from Texas to Tarcutta, or immense collaborations from modern to Psychedelia!  Plus amazing originals. Then there are all the genres & country(s) music to soar through - Scandinavian to Bulgarian, Irish & Scottish to Applachian & Blues let alone the very fun improvisation.


Next January we welcome special return of Totally Gourdgeous – an absolute favourite of The Supper Club – over 20 years the original line up - Clermont with  legend Penelope Swales (who also made the surprising Gourd Instruments), Mal Webb with Kylie Morrigan (back from Glastonbury Festival), Carl Pannuzzo (stunning vocals), Quentin Eyers - session Bass, Piano, Guitar, Mandolinist (SA) who toured much of a decade with Clermont around the world.  Garry Steel Piano & Accordian to the Stars! (SYD) who together with his more rustic brother Kirk have wowed us over & over at the Nights of Piano.  The Grubby Urchins -  Banjo and Ukulele plus astonishing Piano & Vocals.  Pete Fidler – Dobro  (Slide) Maestro plus the occasional step into Psychedelia!  String Loaded Family Band (NSW) Scottish to Bluegrass fiddle heaven & golden string section.  Jude Iddison fiddler with Clermont for years in WA and our Golden Fiddle Award Shows.  Brookie & Daniel Gillett - Tamworth's own Voice & Singing stars of the Theatre (Wicked – just recently) and long time Supper Club devotees – plus Bass Clarinet to Harp Ukulele !  Rob Long (formerly in The Lawnmowers with Clermont) - Guitar Champ to drums ! (NSW) .  Bluegrass feature with Old-time Fiddler David Hoffman with centuries of family fiddling behind him (NY,USA), Newcastle lads Doc & the Delegates and Jenny Lester dropping in from BC Canada. 

But there are endless surprises all week!

Sat - Hot Fiddle Night

Sun - Ukulele Night - led by The Grubby Urchins

Mon - Banjo & Oldtime - Joe Hillel, Paul Cooper & plenty surprises!

Tue - Girls Night - Aly Cook (NZ), Gottani Sisiters, Goldheist, Angela Eason

Wed - Guitar Night - Rob Long, Andrew Clermont, Quentin Eyers (SA), Anthony Walmsley &..

Thu - Piano Night from Goldheist to Garry Steel , Joe Hillel, Quentin Eyers, Carl Pannuzzo and much further!

Fri – Totally Gourdgeous through to Psychadelia Night!

Sat - Grand Finale - phew!




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