Andrew Clermont's International Supper Club

20 - 28 Jan - North Tamworth Bowling Club

Presented by Andrew Clermont

Awarded with Golden Guitar & Bluegrass Guitar Championships in the 80s through to Inductee of SA Music Hall of Fame 2021, Golden Fiddle Lifetime Achievement Award 2023 with 25 years of his revered Supper Club leading to high anticipation of this coming January’s “Orchestra”!


From fresh youth to highly seasoned yet still fun performers from literally across the planet, each
Supper Club show takes you across the Country(s) Music of the world, let alone our own neck of woods.


“Don’t change a thing! Just keep the surprises rolling in !”


Special treat as always 9pm Fri 26th - this time with “Paul Wookey sings Sinatra!” Plus Brookie Gillett on “Her Musicals through the years!”


And so each night across the 9 days is gobsmacked full of hot music and songs embracing players of almost every instrument! Infamous regulars from all over Australia like Garry Steel (prince of Piano), Shenzo Gregorio (now Golden Fiddle Awarded Best Fiddler), Luke Fergusson (stunning 4 Octave Singer), 14 year old starlet Bonny Melbourne through to star of stage - Brookie Gillett, Trumpet Master Nicholas Reefman of inquisitive songs & stories plus a hearty string section! Last year there were 30 in the team - look out for more info soon!


To name but a few who entwined with so many performers attracted to the festival and in particular, the ever fresh Clermont with Mandolin, Banjo, Fiddles, Guitars, far reaching songs, impeccable mixes and hear ALL the Music & Lyrics All the Time - no loud kick drums !! All care taken in honour of the performers!


Strengthened by sponsors Just Better Care NSW & Tamworth’s Barbeques Galore







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