Graeme Connors - 2020 Hindsight

24 Jan - Town Hall

Presented by Panama Touring Company


Friday afternoon 3.00pm Tamworth Town Hall, every January prior to the Golden Guitar Awards, is always a special and significant time and place for Graeme Connors 

Each year Graeme Connors' Tamworth Concert sets the tone for the year ahead, and this year’s Concert, aptly named 2020 Hindsight, sounds like the year ahead will see Graeme moving forward with the light-hearted philosophical attitude that has underpinned his most recent recordings and performances.

When asked “Why 2020 Hindsight?” Graeme responded, “Well I guess it’s a tongue-in-cheek reference to the passage of time and reflecting on the results of the decisions we make”, then he adds with a wry smile, “Once I used to say, ‘If only I knew back then what I know now’ these days I find myself saying ‘If only I could remember now what I knew back then" .

So if you haven’t been to a Graeme Connors Tamworth Town Hall Concert yet, come along to hear and see just what 2020 Hindsight means to you – with a catalogue of songs spanning 20 albums, there’s bound to be a few surprises among the hits.


Or then again, if you have been to every Tamworth Town Hall Connors Concert since the ‘90’s, come along again and be reminded just how good it is to hear one great song after another from a seriously light-hearted philosophical Australian Songwriter.



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