IWA Pro Wrestling Live

08 Sep - TRECC

Presented by IWA Entertainment

IWA - International Wrestling Australia is set to return to Tamworth TRECC as part of our 20 year anniversary tour - Wrestle Revolution 2. For the last 20 years we have been perfecting a unique form of Live Entertainment that has to be seen, to be believed - a slick combination of comedy, athleticism and drama, we are the physical embodiment of comic book superheroes and villains!

The tour will feature some of Australia's most talented and accomplished performers, including TMDK member ' The Monster' Jonah Rock and crowd favourite 'Cowboy' Chris Abbott along with a great cast of IWA Wrestling Superstars. Some of whom have performed for the global juggernaut WWE, along with other major wrestling companies from around the world icluding Japan and Europe.

Get set for a great night of body slamming, back breaking wrestling action that will appeal to the whole family from terrifying heavyweights, to awe-inspiring aerial artists and tag team specialists.


All the glitz, glamour, pageantry, posing and spandex of wrestling's yesteryear remain, but presented in a fresh, family-friendly format relevant to modern audiences complete with gripping storylines of tragedy and triumph and stage production that provides an experience you'll never forget.

We invite you to enter our world of wonder and excitement by reserving your seats now, although we're sure you'll only need the edge!











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