Country Music 2020 At The Dag Sheep Station

18 - 24 Jan - DAG Sheep Station

Presented by The Dag Sheep Station

The Dag Sheep Station is proud to present Country At The Dag, during the 2020 Tamworth Country Music Festival.  Over 50 artists featured during 10 days in intimate performances at their award winning listening venue.


Shows include (click the links below to purchase tickets):


Friday 24th - Songwriters Retreat Showcase


 ''For a number of years now, The DAG Sheep Station in Nundle has coincided with the Tamworth Country Music Festival and brought some spectacular performers and artists to the area. Known as one of the best musical-performance spaces in Australia, the DAG Sheep Station has not only housed spectacular acts, but has introduced bright, new starts in training to the music scene through it's many Songwriter's Retreats events. The reputation of The DAG is strong and high and continues to grow''.


''January 2019 was no exception with crowds exceeding expections with 8 shows on offer sold out! The highest turn out seen in 10 years. No doubt The DAG is doing everything right. Escpecially when looking at who performed at this year's Country at the DAG - 2019 Tamworth Country Music Festival and note their willingness to return in 2020 to perform all over again''. HUNTER VALLEY MAGAZINE







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