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THE EVENTS by David Greig

17-18 Jul - Town Hall

By david greig


A beautiful story of hope and healing

One of Australia’s most powerful actors, Catherine McClements (Water Rats, Rush), plays Claire, a vicar and leader of a community choir that regularly meet in a local town hall. When a young man enters the hall and opens fire, her beloved community – and the ideals that sustain it – is blown apart.


Set in the wake of the tragedy, a conversation unfolds between Claire and the young man. She is unpacking her rage, her fears and ultimately, her forgiveness. The young man is something else: the voice of the alienated, an enemy within and a lost generation. In an era of uncertainty and inexplicable events, questions are asked and resolutions sought. Could he have been stopped?

The Events is a superb and unique examination of one victim's self-destructive
desire to understand the essence of violence." – Stage Whispers

The Events is an extraordinary blend of theatre and music and features a community choir drawn from the Tamworth region, as it questions whether there are limits to our capacity for understanding and seeks to explain why events that are unthinkable, are the hardest to put behind us.


Recommended age: 16yrs+ Contains adult themes, strong language


Written by
David Greig
John Browne
Clare Watson
Set & Lighting Designer
Geoff Cobham
Musical Director
Luke Byrne

Fight Choreographer
Scott Witt
Cast includes
Johnny Carr
Catherine McClements
Community Choir



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